A Visit To The Seven Magic Mountains

I haven’t been to this large piece of art in at least two years so I figured a trip down there is better than watching reruns on TV today, such a beautiful day! I took around three dozen photos of these brilliantly painted rocks stacked upon each other.

So, you are in for a bunch of boulders with lovely colors on them, and unfortunately, too much graffiti too. Punks with spray paint should be beaten. The website will tell you all that you need to know about the origin of this project.

The trip down and back was around 80 miles, not a quick trip but worth it on a beautiful sunny day about thirty or so miles south of Las Vegas along the fifteen freeway. I removed many people from these photos.

11 thoughts on “A Visit To The Seven Magic Mountains

    • Thank you, Rudi! There were many people also taking photos, these rocks may be the most photographed rocks on Earth! 😂

    • I agree, Anneli! How can they be stopped from doing this? 24/7 security which nobody is going to do of course. This location is far from anything except the 15 freeway. Are your spray paint cans in hardware stores also locked up thanks to the hooligans? So ignorant…

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