Graffiti And A Dust Devil

I very much detest graffiti, it’s a blight in any large American city and sadly in the middle of nowhere too. My punishment for this is not fit for publishing, a slap on the wrist is all these hooligans apparently ever get which is pure bullshit. The dust devil is actually a very long way southeast of the Magic Mountains, the Nikkor 18-140mm lens did a darn good job of pulling in much closer. The dust devil is likely a dry lakebed.

7 thoughts on “Graffiti And A Dust Devil

  1. I probably would support the punishment you wish on graffiti makers! It is especially disturbing when it happens on ancient pictographs.

    • Thanks, Doug, and how sad that idiots would do something so ignorant to ancient art! We don’t have DM, or direct messaging here like on Instagram, unfortunately, we could chat about that punishment. Thanks for your comment, sir!

      • We’d just upset ourselves trying to come up with an appropriate, very severe punishment that was Constitutionally correct (not too cruel, not too unusual…). I’m sure we would agree on something exceptionally cruel, and exceptionally unusual, eh?!

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