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In case you’ve wondered what Las Vegas looks like heading north on the 15 freeway, here you go. Be super careful driving anywhere in Vegas, the 15 freeway has plenty of accidents which sucks. I jumped off the 15 and picked up the 215 westbound which becomes the 215 northbound after a few miles. If you want to head up to Utah and further north, just stay on the 15. Honestly, I despise driving here with all of the dipshits who should surrender their driver’s license at the DMV and take the bus. Just being honest! My driving record is clean…

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    • I think you mean driving, and doing so in a crazy environment like Las Vegas? It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure!

    • They are so slow and annoying but serve a good purpose of course. My folks have a home in Tarpon Springs, my sister has a place down in Fort Myers. I used to live in Dunedin!

        • Agreed, I like driving the Alternate 19, it passes through some very different areas along the way. The home the ex and I rented was flooded in 93, lost a lot of stuff and the new Pontiac was totaled. My daughter was 2 years old, I remember her in the back seat, strapped in her chair with salt water sloshing about the interior of the car. Sad!

  1. I’ve never been to Las Vegas and have little desire to see the city. But I do LOVE the surrounding mountain and desert areas you share and would love to visit for that reason alone!

    • I understand, this city is crazy! I avoid the Strip like the plague, I’ve seen enough of it over the years. Seeing it from afar is good enough. There are hotels you can stay in that are far from the Strip of course.

      • We’ve thought of flying in and renting a car just to tour the beauty of the surrounding area. So someday I’ll at least see the airport!

        • McCarran is a nice airport. Grab a hotel far away from the Strip. There is so much to see outside of the city, the Mojave Desert is so beautiful!

  2. I drive for a living, most days aren’t too bad with there or four idiots, but some days the d!ckheads just don’t let up! One after the other it can be a frustrating relentless torture! The need for them to be in front at any cost is just ridiculous, only to sit at the next red light. Morons!

    • Dude, I so agree with you! You nailed it. And if you are driving a big truck then you know all about the dolts who get in front of you, slam on the brakes and make a turn. That’s a recipe for an accident, I used to drive big trucks and know all about stopping distance but the car drivers are clueless. Get off the road for good!

      • I drive a big red van – with the lights on, you would think I would be easy to see but I’m sure somedays people are either just complete 4rseh0les or they think its a building in the middle of the road. With a turbo diesel it gets off the line pretty quick, I love embarrassing idiots sometimes.

          • Doesn’t pay that well but most days it’s great! In my old office job I had to sit still all day and think lots, in this one I move lots and almost switch off apart from trying not to hit anything or more commonly, get hit by someone! There’s too much paperwork if that happens πŸ˜‰

  3. Our city bi-pass is the same. Even Dan avoids it. Way too many drivers everywhere who don’t give a rats a## about anyone else on the road.

    • That’s it, Anne, they do not care! No merging, no use of turn signals. Tailgating. Extreme speeders. I had a quick chat with a lady when I left the party store a bit ago. She was born and raised here but we totally agreed on the idiot drivers, rude people and more. I told her that since there are so many nasty Californians moving up here, there may come a time when I will leave Las Vegas. We all have our limits. Not all Californians are rude of course, but they are not so friendly most of the time it seems. I despise seeing those California license plates…

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