Cops and Aliens

Two very silly photos in this post, the cop had a customer pulled over under an overpass along the 215 freeway, busted! The speed limit is 65, but many folks exceed that limit by a large margin. The alien sticker is on a pole where you enter and exit the long dirt path that leads to the Seven Magic Mountains. What can I say, man, I notice weird things and get the shot! It’s currently 88F at noon O’Clock, let’s get hot, baby! πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯😎🌞🌴

2 thoughts on “Cops and Aliens

  1. I always am confused with the metric measurements. 110 converts to 68.3MPH. About the same speed but when you get north or south of Vegas the speed limit goes up to 70. I think it’s 75 in other areas well away from civilisation.

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