Blondie Knows How To Relax!

I was watching Blondie as she rolled and twisted about on the chair, she struck this pose while probably half asleep. I had just enough time to get the photo of this sweet baby! My dad and I met up with a couple of his buddies for lunch in Capac, Michigan where I saw the rusted truck and had to get a shot of the rotten, rusted-out quarter panel. That’s what happens when you live within the Rust Belt!

And, the cute fella in the little black car is so cool! The photo of the wood is looking toward the big shed where the old tractors I used to use to brush hog the trails and fields are housed. I miss those days!

4 thoughts on “Blondie Knows How To Relax!

    • Yooper betcha, Anneli, she is so darn sweet. I actually asked dad as a joke of course if I could take Blondie home with me. No! She had one sniff of me after not seeing me for several months and recognised me instantly. Never backed away as she does with my sister.

      I watched that happen right in front of me, I have zero idea why she will not associate herself with my sis. What the F!?? She is such a wonderful lady…

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