I’m Back

Not me, you! It’s nice to be back home in the valley even though I came back to the usual windstorm and can’t even see my beautiful mountains this morning. This was such a fun trip home to see my family! It rained all day one day but it was still a wonderful trip.

I took 1.63Gig of photos, probably split between the iPhone and the Nikon, this set isn’t so good but it’s all from the Nikon. I am not used to so much humidity in the air or the damn skeeters flying around everywhere which I was stung by. Much more to come so I hope that you will stick around, friends!

Hover over each photo, it should have a brief description.

14 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. I am so glad to hear this dear John, at the end you visited your family, beautiful photographs, Blessing and Happinesss to you and to your family, Love, nia

    • Thanks so much, Anneli! It’s so wonderful to be with my adult babies, sister and dad! And, it’s nice to be back home too in spite of yet another windstorm. I just finished using the leaf blower to clean off as much dust and palm tree debris as possible as the wind is still blasting.

      It’s those two Mexican Fan Palms that are making the biggest mess as the fronds from last summer are dying and now laying against the trunk. They are so dry that they tear off and leave stringy pieces all around.

  2. Wauw that’s a lot of material…. Thanks already for the first impressions and for the pictures of your family members.

    • Hi Valeria, thanks! Good to be home too in my very windy desert. I hope your wrist has been getting better! ☺️

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