Peaceful Sounds and City Views

I really like the peaceful sounds of the woods around my folks’ place, happy birds chirping and so much beautiful green, far more than we have here in Las Vegas! The photos were taken on approach to the awful O’Hare International Airport. Yuck, but I got some decent ground shots and one not-so-good photo of Downtown Chicago. The video and photos are via the iPhone. The colors in the video are WAY off, sorry.

10 thoughts on “Peaceful Sounds and City Views

    • Thanks so much! I usually end up running through the airport because the damn gate has changed, but that didn’t happen this time which was nice!

  1. Beautiful and calm place. It kind of sounded like it was raining too?

  2. The video wasn’t playing for some reason but lovely pictures. Hope you had a wonderful time with your folks!

    • I sure did have a great time, thank you, Pooja! You are the second person to tell me that the video won’t play, the other person was in the UK. Soory about that, Pooja. Have a great day! ❤️

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