Welcome To my Hometown

Flint is the city of my birth those many decades ago, the city has seen a steady decline in population and quality of life I’m sad to say, over the years. I think of Flint as a miniature Detroit with similar issues. That said, Michigan will always be my home and home state no matter how many years I will live in Nevada.

The deer racks you see are a part of several more racks on other walls. My dad has been a deer hunter since he was 14 years young. Dad keeps the racks, and the deer meat or Venison is always donated to an agency that processes the meat and then donated to those in need. Such a wonderful idea!

The welcome sign is located inside the Flint Bishop International Airport. This airport is a nice secret you could say because it’s small and simple to navigate yet can handle the biggest airliners out there these days.

6 thoughts on “Welcome To my Hometown

    • You betcha, Rebecca! I think you were showing up as Anonymous on this site for a couple days but not today.

    • Thanks and thank you, Rudi! My dad has done the donation thing for many years now. He loves his deer hunting.

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