Chicago To Las Vegas

This 2:00 video was taken the other day at dusk as I left Chicago for Las Vegas which is about 3.5 or so hours of flight time. Or, about 1700 miles traveled. You can hear the engines being pushed up to full throttle at the very beginning of the video.  This would be roughly three days of driving time at a sane speed of course, plus meals and a few hotel rooms. I’ll deal with the hassles of switching aircraft at Chicago O’Hare rather than driving!

This morning, I finally got around to pruning the two Sago Palms in the backyard. They both got a major watering too, being sure to get the roots soaked really good. The nasty, dried-out wood chips have been pulled back from the trees too as I plan to replace them after the Mexican Fan Palms are pruned around July 15th so it won’t look quite right for a while. I should add some bushes between the palm trees to fill in the spaces a bit.

The video quality and colors have degraded significantly after upload, thanks, WordPress…


Sago Palms grow very very slowly!

10 thoughts on “Chicago To Las Vegas

  1. Yes, it works… I enjoyed watching this, reminds me my flight days,… Beautiful taking off… Thank you dear John, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia, thanks for letting me know that the video does play, I think it’s a browser issue for some folks, they need to figure out why the video won’t play for them.

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