Tiny But Mighty

I picked up this tiny C Crane radio a couple of days ago, it’s tiny but mighty! The little C Crane receiver covers the standard AM and FM broadcast bands and also receives the Shortwave bands, the Aircraft band, and all of the NOAA weather radio frequencies. It covers more frequencies than its much larger cousin the Sangean.

And, it costs about one-half the price of the Sangean. Plugging the headphones in, I was pleasantly surprised to hear such deep, rich sound coming from such a compact receiver. I have been playing with receivers and ham radio gear since 1980, so I believe that I can safely say that the circuitry in this tiny radio is as good as that inside the Sangean receiver. It was nice to sit the little radio on the arm of the couch and tune it comfortably.

I would certainly not hesitate to recommend this receiver to you and anyone else because of its overall quality. Have you or anyone in your family ever used radios like this? It can be a great hobby.

10 thoughts on “Tiny But Mighty

    • That’s a good question, I assume it’s around 25 to 30 feet as is the wire for the Sangean radio. They really do help after dark when tuning the shortwave frequencies.

  1. My brother in law had ham radios years ago. His gear was big enough to fill a kitchen table. Technology has come a long ways since those days!

    • Hi Anne, the technology has made it possible to downsize the equipment significantly. I have seen the radios you are talking about, they are your basic boat anchors!

  2. Nice! I actually bought a sun-powered radio/phone charger for emergencies recently. I figure it can be useful to have both while camping, and in case of a real emergency.

    • Agreed, especially with this little piece, so tiny yet it has so much technology packed inside! Only radio lovers could get excited about this I suppose! 😂

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