Painted By The People

The pretty colors on utility boxes are a fairly common thing around the city and some of the work is downright beautiful. I didn’t get the best angle on this painting but I guess you get the idea! The birds were also photographed yesterday. 100 degrees today, and 102F tomorrow, very nice!

10 thoughts on “Painted By The People

  1. Wow it’s hot there! We were in Algonquin Park for the last two weeks and I was wearing a touque and heavy coat to sit out by the campfire in the evenings!

    • That sounds a bit chilly! The air probably smelled good though with all of the trees. The skeeters make me crazy!

        • The humidity would be easier to deal with than the deer flies as we call them. Like mosquitos, they are relentless in coming after me.

          I remember as a kid, a fly was on my leg on the back of my knee.

          Blood was actually running down my leg! When I worked on a large estate in Michigan years ago, I remember being on the 4-wheeler riding down the trails in the woods and looking back to see what must be 12 or more deer flies chasing me down the trail!

          I kid you not my friend, that was insane!

    • Yah, very nice with AC in the truck and house! The heat always feels so nice though for a while when your outside.

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