My Beautiful Home State

These photos are from the Nikon Z50 using the 16-50mm lens, I left the 18-140mm lens back home to save space in the tiny suitcase. These are among the better photos I took with this camera during my recent Michigan trip. There is so much rich green and nice reflections off of the south branch of the Flint River.

11 thoughts on “My Beautiful Home State

        • I like the mild year-round climate down here much more than those long, bitter cold winters. It’s worth the sacrifice! I always thought that folks older than I (61) want to escape the cold for Florida but apparently I was off a few years!

    • A serious contrast! Its so beautiful to see in person, I’ve been in the desert so long that that I am used to seeing a few regular green trees, and plenty of green palm trees daily. The woods in the mountains aren’t anything like this.

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