The Cost Of Driving

After seeing the much cheaper fuel prices in Michigan I was left feeling a bit pissed off. Why is regular unleaded priced at around $3.45 to $3.60 there and over $5.00 dollars here in Las Vegas? I along with many others here would like to hear a solid reason why the price is so much higher here on the west coast! Nobody I’ve spoken with here has a good answer, and I attribute this to human greed. Human greed never dies, does it?

16 thoughts on “The Cost Of Driving

  1. We pay for “normal” (regular unleaded) 1,95 € / liter now in Belgium. We came from 1,60 € / liter before the Ukraine war.

      • I have always been proud of being able to pay my share of necessary taxes but getting tired of paying through the nose so our provincial politicians can prance around the globe pretending they are big shots. This is Saskatchewan for heaven’s sake and we pay taxes to our Federal Government to deal with global issues.

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