Mother’s Things

As usual, I brought home another piece that is my mother’s, God be with her. This time it’s the pretty bottle on the right. There are actually seven trinkets on this kitchen windowsill that are mothers. Keep your mother close to you my friends… She won’t always be there.

12 thoughts on “Mother’s Things

  1. Beautiful photographs and also so precious, you know I love these kind of things. Thank you dear John, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia, thank you! You do indeed love things like this, I wish you and your love a wonderful weekend. Be safe. 🙏🏻

  2. Right until the moment she died, I didn’t believe it would ever happen to MY mother. She was going to live forever. It was such a shock to find out she wasn’t immortal after all. Like you, I keep little things of hers that were special to her and are so precious to me now. I understand why you would want to keep these things that don’t mean much to anyone else.

    • God bless your family, Anneli. I remember my mom dying in the hospital, a very sad memory. I might cry now…

      • Just the other day I was thinking about my last visit with her in the hospital and she started talking about all these philosophical things, like “be good to xxx.” All those final things. I didn’t want her to talk like that but they were things that were important to her. Well, don’t cry, John. It doesn’t bring them back. Just remember how lucky we were to have had them.

        • You are right, Anneli, mom was Catholic, I am Baptist and believe that I will be with mom when the time comes. My mother told me two things just before she passed that really shocked me. I knew that I am an adopted child, it had to do with the adoption but nothing to do with my adoptive parents. I have been waiting for the right time to speak with my sister about this but that time has not come yet. My recent trip up north wasn’t the right time…

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