Photos From The Trip

Continuing now with photos from the recent trip to Michigan, I have way too many photos from this! The photo of the bust was taken at Flint Bishop Airport, doesn’t he look almost alive! Sunshine and 72 degrees are forecast for today, that’s a big drop from 100 degrees yesterday!

15 thoughts on “Photos From The Trip

      • Dan appreciated it more than I did. I was used to my little Sunbird convertible so found everything about it too big. The seats were huge – as was the steering wheel.

        • A Pontiac Sunbird? My family sold those for years at our Pontiac/GMC dealership! they are a J Body, having to do with the tenth digit in the VIN number. Good cars.

          • Everyone told me I would regret it. I would freeze in the winter. The turbocharger would give out and cost a fortune to fix. It was a toy… I met Dan when I had it. The first time he drove it, he loved it. We had it for seven or eight years. The kids and Dan drove the wheels off of it. Best car ever – and a great heater. My Dad always liked Pontiacs. Definitely good cars.

            • I am sooo glad to hear how much you loved that car, Anne! As the son of a former Pontiac/GMC dealer I really love to hear this. I was and still am, sad that Pontiac was removed from the GM lineup. At least we still have Chevy and the Buick line of cars. ❤️ Big virtual hug for you!

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