Lots and lots of fluids. Have you ever seen so many solvents, lubricants, and more in a man cave garage! If you need something like this while working on your vehicle, you’ll probably find it here. The engine is an antique in-line six-cylinder. Sunshine and 88 lovely degrees are on tap for the valley today, perfect!

20 thoughts on “Fluids

  1. Looks like a pot of soup on top of the engine there. Is that the air filter thing? If it’s a pot of soup, the car will get lots of fluids.

  2. You could easily work on that old straight six yourself. These days you can’t even tell what the engine components are! 😉

        • Yes, I noticed some numbers on the block, not sure if it is the firing order but that’s a great way to keep that with the engine. I love how simple the engine looks in there.

          • If you blow up the image, you can clearly see part of the word “order” before the string of numbers. I clearly remember seeing cylinder firing order identification on more than one engine manifold. Amazing how a simple piece of information added to the simplicity of one’s ability to work on their own car.

            • Yes indeed! I’ve heard so many backfiring cars over the years, and have seen 2-cycle engines with holes blown right through the crown of the piston. Ouch!

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