More Travel Photos

I still have plenty of photos from the recent trip to upload here, I hope y’all aren’t tired of them. The in-flight photos are beautiful, I absolutely love to fly! Have you noticed the larger file size for the photos?

11 thoughts on “More Travel Photos

  1. The image with the clock on the pole, is that your dad’s garage? I see the Pontiac sign, and the top of an old sedan sign too.

    • Thanks, Anneli. The old size was 1024×768 and one other size, depending on which device. The iPhone or the Nikon. The new sizes are 1500×1000 for the Nikon, and 1500×844 for the iPhone photos. I can still bring the file size down to around 180kb which saves a lot of storage space yet still renders nicely and is web-friendly.

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