A Hard Landing In Flint

Heavy turbulence had plagued each of my liftoffs and landings this day, no matter the state or airport. I’ve never experienced this before and don’t care to experience it again even though flying does not bother me.

Commercial aircraft like these are of course built to take these hard landings and the turbulence that makes the wings flex up and down quite a bit. No worries! Listen carefully, you can hear myself and other passengers react to the hard touchdown.

In-flight photos and a few videos are all that I have left from last week’s trip now since I have moved the remaining photos to the cloud for storage. Many of the family photos are such that I don’t upload them for privacy reasons.

I hope that my American friends have had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Always remember those who gave all so that you can live in a free nation. The video is 1:12 seconds in length.

8 thoughts on “A Hard Landing In Flint

    • It was a damn hard landing, Richard. Not the forst one I’ve experienced but it’s got to be hard on the gear, wheels and tires.

    • I’m sorry that you can’t see them, Derrick. I have checked the settings and found no reason why you can’t view them. It was a darn hard touchdown! The other passengers were talking about too.

    • To the pilot’s credit, there was a hell of a lot of turbulence on approach, we landed safely so it was actually a good landing! πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸ»

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