The Stupid Car

This stupid car, this go-cart never should have been licensed for use on roads in this country. It is too small to be safe, all in the name of saving mother earth? She’s not worth dying for. My full-size truck has a full steel frame under it. The truck weighs over 3000 pounds, maybe 4000. Would you want to go up against the truck while in that go-cart? You would have chosen very poorly, my friend! The laws of physics can’t be changed…

6 thoughts on “The Stupid Car

    • Hi Rudi, thank you for this information. How unfortunate that they are in Europe! They need to go the dump… Unsafe at any speed.

  1. My mother has come to expect that every time I see something of this sort I blurt out “toy car” because they are so absolutely ridiculous. Talking about your truck, I would imagine that if they got in front of a semi, the truck could run over that and never even notice.

    • I agree, Rebecca, a full-size semi would hardly notice the stupid car as it is getting the crunch! Gladly, they are slowly fading away as far as I know. My dad considered buying a used one maybe three years ago, I tried hard to discourage him and it worked. Pure junk!

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