15 thoughts on “Red Hot Pizza!

  1. The pizza looks good, John! I used to make goat milk cheese a long time ago, then give Rick the whey for making pizza dough. He still makes pizza with his own homemade dough, but generally makes clam pizza now. He always like clam pizza growing up and was determined to make his own, as close to memory as possible. Can’t get one of those anywhere! They are pretty good.

    • For frozen pizza, it’s darn good! I admire his pizza making skills, I’ve never tried doing that, is it hard? Hello, Domino’s!

      • He makes a sourdough type crust, which is the long part. A good pizza stone helps. Basically the instructions are make the crust, oil it, coat with homemade tomato sauce (I can our own tomatoes) add veggies and clams and pop in the oven for 20 minutes.

    • I buy this one brand because it fits in the little countertop oven and the taste is so good.

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