Indoor Abstract

The early evening sun shone into the room, I shot this with the new 200mm lens and using the special effects mode that is built into the Nikon Z50 body. No processing was done except for the watermark and resizing to around 185kb. Just a little photographic fun this evening.

Las Vegas’ Finest On Their Way

At the drug store, I noticed these guys waiting for a traffic light on Charleston Boulevard at Durango Drive. They were not on a run to an emergency. I spoke with my dad on the phone a bit ago, just checking up on him as does my sister. When your dad is 94 years young, you just really want and need to stay in touch!

πŸ”₯What a day it’s been with 10r degrees and very high winds whipping the trees around as though they were whip snakes! But, it’s a fabulous 73 very comfy degrees on my favorite couch. By the way, I did see two people riding their bicycles in the heat and wind today, that’s crazy! Sunburnt! 🌞

When The TV Screen Freezes

Occasionally, my Cox internet lags and lets the screen freeze like this. This time, it stayed frozen for a minute or so then it releaded and caught up to the program. Thanks for this, Cox internet and TV! The woman is Michelle Forbes who played Ensign Ro in the Star Trek series Star Trek TNG.

Her character was always troubled, and she even earned herself a room in the stockade after being court marshaled by Star Fleet. Yeah, I know and love my old Star Trek! But look at that angry face!

In this episode, she played the daughter of a scientist in a society that terminates its citizens once they reach the ripe old age of sixty. If this was the case here, I would now be dead as I am 61 years young.

Her father asks Captain Picard for asylum at one point in this one-hour episode, but he does return to the planet and allows himself to be put to death. How sad and sickening is that?

The Human Body

This wonderful print of the human body was photographed yesterday in the waiting room of my doctor’s office using the iPhone 12. I would love to have this at home, and one of the employees agrees with me. What a day it is, currently 102 very windy degrees in the valley. I took a ride to the pharmacy for a new medication doctor is having me try, then a bit of a joy ride on the way back home as the truck slipped through those powerful Mojave Desert Winds. I think of that truck as my ship of the desert. Click the pic to enlarge.