Bunnies Matter and Oleanders

Today I had a quick trip through Floyd Lamb Park since I only saw a  bunch of Canada Geese and one white goose that I thought was a duck, oops! I saw that bunny’s sign and had to get the photo, I think this is something new in the park. How sweet is it that people rescue bunnies! Bunnies is soo cute. The long row of lovely blooming Oleanders is used to block the emptiness o the other side, it’s just dirt basically. The temperature has been hovering in the low 80s all day which is really nice, maybe we will see 100 tomorrow.

Bunnies Matter

10 thoughts on “Bunnies Matter and Oleanders

  1. A friend of mine back east had a bunny dumped off in the back of her pickup truck which still had a bale of hay in it she had not unloaded yet.

    • I’ve never thought of rabbits as a pest. They do eat your garden plants but they have to eat too! 😂❤️

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