Joy Ride

Why not have a joy ride on such a beautiful day so off I went to the north.

I took several photos, just starting with this little set. The white duck is in Floyd Lamb Park, there were mostly Canadian Geese there so I left but not before photographing those lovely white Oleanders along the drive, more and better photos of those coming up.

The aircraft is actually a military aircraft that happened to be making a very low pass, I managed just one photo of it. Here is a link that will tell you about this Airforce aircraft. They are based at our Nellis Air Force Base in the northeast corner of the valley.

12 thoughts on “Joy Ride

    • No worries, Anneli, I have been wrong plenty of times! It’s a good looking bird. It was hanging with a huge flock of Canada Geese. I hope they had their passports handy… 😂❤️🇨🇦

      • LOL! I saw that you wrote Canadian geese in your post, but I wasn’t going to say anything. I see that you have self-corrected and called them Canada geese. Very good, John!

        • Sometimes it’s obvious that it’s spelled wrong, sometimes not but Canada Goose makes much more sense. Feel free to correct me, Anneli, I need it!

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