Tiny Bees In My Palm Trees

Late last eve I was relaxing in the backyard under my very mangled-looking palm tree and saw the tiny bees swarming around the little flowers that the tree produces each summer. The tree is due for pruning next month but it may not make it that long before the seeds begin dropping which sucks. All I could do then is pull up the baby trees as they emerge. I pointed the camera straight above me for these photos. 90 degrees and sunny today, sunny and 100 degrees tomorrow which is typical for this time of year. Some like it hot! ๐Ÿ˜‚

15 thoughts on “Tiny Bees In My Palm Trees

  1. There are fewer honeybees about this year. Not so many bumblebees either, though I have seen a few. I do see more of the native pollinators, and try to keep plantings for them. I once read bumblebees are very good at pollinating blueberries.

    • That’s wonderful that you plant for the bees! I saw a report recently about how the bee population has been falling sharply, not good for humans!

  2. Beeeeee happy. Bees are a good thing. We had not enough of them in our cold, wet, and windy weather while our fruit trees blossomed and now there is no fruit on the early blooming trees.

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