Today’s Slow Ride

This afternoon, I took the long way to the party store to get out of the house and captured these photos. The Strip is looking nice and clear today, there are no high winds. The big rock in front of me with palm trees to the right is Lone Mountain or just a little piece of it. There is a great public park just out of sight to the right. The bridge photo shows a tiny bit of Lone Mountain on the left but is intended to show you the gain in elevation on the west side of the valley. The Strip is just out of frame to the right. It’s currently 99F and sunny in Las Vegas.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Slow Ride

    • I always enjoy a ride around my area of the valley, it’s much nicer than the east side of the city.

    • Well, it will hit 99 today but by Sunday the daily high will be above 100 going forward according to my weather on the phone. Thank God for AC!

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