A Form Of Urban Blight

Our election process is over and done with by the end of June, Thank God! I hope to see these damned ugly signs gone by some time in July… Yes, I voted Republican. I’d vote Conservative party if there were one.

7 thoughts on “A Form Of Urban Blight

    • These folks need to be made responsible for the removal of the signs if they aren’t already…

      • Yes. Independents get their own Ballots for Mayor, City Council and other local offices. I think it’s only in our city or jurisdiction in which we reside and registered.

    • Honestly, I have no idea how elections are done in Canada either! This is the second time I have voted in three years in my home. I guess we do vote more often but every four years for the presidential election. I think the way the voting is done could vary from state to state too. I voted by mail this time, last time I went to the booth.

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