My Palm Tree Is Growing Crazy!

At first, I assumed there would be only one stalk popping out that grows the little flowers you see hanging down. Then, a whole bunch of stalks popped out, I have never seen this tree grow like this, and it has also grown much taller in my three years here.

The other tree that I don’t photograph much is about 1/3 shorter and doesn’t yet have the crazy stalks popping out everywhere. Apparently, I am doing something right for these trees as they are incredibly happy with where they live! I hope to not have to pull up baby palm trees after the tree is pruned next month.

12 thoughts on “My Palm Tree Is Growing Crazy!

    • They are both very happy where they are, the other tree is the same specie but it’s about 1/3 smaller.

  1. I’m sure you don’t, your a wee bit too far north! I never tire of seeing them in the backyard when I wake up. ๐ŸŒด

    • I think it’s just the getting proper watering through the week for three years but the tree is in serious need of pruning. It’s scheduled for mid-July but it may need it sooner.

    • Oh yes, Anita, they are growing like a wildfire! Very happy trees. They will look 100% better after pruning. They are watered twice per week for one hour.

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