A Distant Downtown Chicago

Good Saturday morning folks, I hope your weekend will be wonderful. Sunny and 95 degrees are forecast for Las Vegas today. I like this three-minute video because it shows the takeoff from my window seat then as the aircraft makes a slow right turn, Downtown Chicago comes into view. You can see the aircraft’s shadow on the ground too at one point. Happy Saturday!

16 thoughts on “A Distant Downtown Chicago

            • I see, that sounds like fun visiting the islands. You of course know Toronto and Ontario much better than I. 😎🇨🇦

              • Not really. I have only been there once and that was with Dan a few years ago. We spent time in Mississauga and Niagara Falls but just drove through Toronto to the Peterborough area. Beautiful province and such great people everywhere we went!

                • I see. I’ve never visited Niagara Falls but it looks beautiful in photos and video. I lived in Amhearstburg, Ontario briefly in the early 80s and still remember how friendly the people were there. I have always liked our Canadian neighbors!

                  • I have always enjoyed trips south but I think I would be looking over my shoulder these days. Of course we only hear the bad news it seems.

                    • Understood.

                      Our media down here is utterly, completely not to be trusted in my view. Journalism used to be a respected profession, that died when the “Libtard Left” appeared on the political landscape.

                      Lies, deceit, half-truths and fake news are all the rage now but not everyone sees through the BS unfortunately. Age does bring some wisdom anyway.

    • Hi Pooja, I hope you get some sun and warmth soon wherever you are! That’s Chicago, a place frequently overcast and raining or snowing like it does in my home state which is close to Illinois. I’k glad the video played for you, people outside of the States seem to have difficulty viewing them. Have a great weekend!

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