The Dog Park Is Almost Complete

My local city park has a new dog park being added to the existing park since there is plenty of room for it. I snapped just this one photo of the horse and dog as there are still fences in place. The horse is there because several hundred feet away, there is an equine riding stable with a roof over it. I have photographed a few beautiful horses there in the last year or so. It might be fun to do some dog photography when the park opens!

10 thoughts on “The Dog Park Is Almost Complete

    • Hi Maria, thanks so much! The horse is very large, I wonder how deep the base had to go into the ground to hold it up! Have a great week, enjoy those rides through the beautiful forest! 🇸🇪

    • It will be for the dogs and humans when it opens soon! I’ll try for some photos of dog fun when it’s open.

    • Oh yes, you can walk right up to the fence of the arena. Sometimes, there are horses tied to the rails which is when I try for some horse head photos and more. Beautiful animals but they scare me!

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