The Tivoli Village Main Entrance

Early today, I headed south to a store where I know flip-flops are sold, my old leather flip-flops seemed to be damaging the bottom of my feet which is horrible for a diabetic! I got the same brand and type, but the new ones have a rubberised pad for your foot instead of leather.

Better, we shall see how they work when they are broken in. I have very flat feet, and the shoes have a pronounced bump for those who have the arch, I hope this isn’t going to be a problem.

On the way to that store, I was stopped by another long traffic light and saw the Tivoli Village main entrance so out comes the Nikon. The photos are almost identical. The photo of Queens Ridge Condominiums was taken just a few feet from my truck on top of the parking deck.

It’s currently a chilly 100 degrees outside but a comfortable 73 degrees inside my home.

15 thoughts on “The Tivoli Village Main Entrance

  1. It reminds me of a modern day Alamo. I don’t know why. The palms don’t fit with the Alamo, but somehow it makes me think of southern places, and the brick is perfect for the desert.

    • Brick is super good here, it easily handles the intense sunshine. Many homes here have stucco for the exterior wall as mine does, but behind that is chicken wire! The stucco grabs the chicken wire and holds it in place.

      Most homes and businesses have the tiled roof too, the usual tar shingles don’t do well. Just look at the paint on cars and trucks that have lived here their entire service life, the paint is scorched off and gone! I remember photos of The Alamo, the village entrance does look a bit similar.

    • It really is, there are so many tasty places to eat and the different stores offer some unique items and services.

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