Happy Turtles

At the nursery store a couple days ago, I came upon these happy guys that had attracted a small crowd. Aren’t they so cute! The store did a great job building this environment for them.

17 thoughts on “Happy Turtles

    • It’s such a cute little pnd with fish and turtles! The waterfall sounds relaxing too. ❤️

    • Yeah! I would love this in my backyard. I put a nice birdbath back there about three days ago and have seen one little sparrow I think drinking. It has to be filled every day becuase of the fast evaporation rate.

      • They tell each other so you’ll probably get more and more birds, especially if you have the birdbath near some shrubs for protection so the birds aren’t right out in the open.

        • I had the same idea about the birds communicating and that it may be a while. There is a very thick tree to the west about 30 feet, but not a bush…

          • Can you move the birdbath so it’s near some kind of place where the birds could hide or get away from a crow or other predator? Shrubs are great for that.

            • That’s a great question, Anneli. There isn’t much left after removing two trees that were terrible which I won’t mention.

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