A Hot Morning

It’s just past 8:30 in the morning as I write this and it’s already 90 degrees out there! Just 108 for today, those 112+ degree days are on the way. The photo of the red rocks was taken at a great distance hence it’s not as sharp as I would like. The strip photo is just another strip photo haha, you see it’s the full length which is around four and a half miles. The slope on the left of the image is the base of Lone Mountain which is only 600 feet high.

4 thoughts on “A Hot Morning

    • Thanks, it’s much prettier in person too! 108 today and tomorrow, normal temps for here… My new AC system from last summer is working so great!

        • You bet! It was 73 inside yesterday while it was 108 outside. However that translates in the metric system. The homes are built for the desert heat. The exterior walls have a ton of insulation, covered by stucco.

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