Bad Banding and Another Bouncy Landing

Can you see the horizontal lines or bands in the blue sky? I can’t seem to rid this photo of that and I really dislike banding! But, it sometimes happens when you use an HDR application. The rock colors are wonderful, aren’t they? The video is the last video I have from my recent trip to Michigan and I think it’s the same aircraft that I took coming and going from Chicago to Flint. trust me, the touchdown was another slammer!

8 thoughts on “Bad Banding and Another Bouncy Landing

  1. Were they there before you post processed the image? If not then you may be over saturating your image. I also find that if it is a JPEG image you have less range on adjusting colors. I hope these thoughts help.

    • They were there after the processing. I am not a professional photographer and do the best best I know. Your work is much better, Tim.

      • You may find that you are changing the exposure too much. When you do that, look to see if the banding shows up. You might want to do a Google search for “Problem with banding in photography” This should provide you with some answers.
        I’ve been doing post processing for a number of year and may have more experience.

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