Rotational Abstract

A throwback to 2020, this image of my living room ceiling fan was processed in iColorama which I don’t use at all these days. I had a tiny bit of excitement this morning. I went to the grocery store for some bleach to clean the toilets (I detest a dirty toilet) and was just about to the checkout when the power went down.

The cash registers were still running so they must be on a battery backup or something because there is no generator in the alley behind the store. I hope nobody ripped the store off! Some people will try or do almost anything these days but that store was completely black! Seemed very odd in there too.

The juice came back one hour later which saved my frozen goodies and other stuff in the fridge. No warm beer either for this evening! Imagine the loss in terms of dollars and cents for a grocery store, how do these corporations absorb that kind of loss?ย  Maybe they have an account that money is deposited into for that.

By the way, this is the first time I’ve lost power in nine years here!

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    • Thanks so much, it’s been a long time since I tried making photos like this. Just pick an image, upload into iColorama and go for it.

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