Ugly Wood Chips

The bird bath is a new addition and so far, I have seen just one bird having a drink. I guess it needs to be there for a while before birds will know it is there. Those ugly wood chips are gone sometime next month after the Medusa palm tree get’s its yearly pruning. I don’t feature the other palm tree as it’s smaller.

I need a landscape company to install something attractive around those Sago palms, the wood chips coming right up to it look kind of crappy, don’t they?

10 thoughts on “Ugly Wood Chips

  1. That little palm tree looks so cute!! I’ve been really getting into gardening, but I imagine the plants that do well here probably couldn’t handle the heat where you are. Best of luck with the landscaping and bird bath.

    • Thanks! I think you are right, they wouldn’t handle the dry climate and extreme heat in summer.

  2. It will take a bit for the birds to find the bird bath. Glad you put the stones in it, that also gives the birds a place to perch while they drink. I’d go with a colored pebble stone for a circle on the ground instead of the wood chips, which fade. There should be a wide variety of colored smooth river pebbles available in your area.

    • Thanks for the tip, there are already small red stones not seen in the photos nearby so any other stone would have to be very different.

        • That would look nice too! But there’s no way I can lift bags that heavy, has to be done by a crew of Hispanic guys!

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