Difficult To Work With

This morning I pulled out the SSD external backup drive for my photography and came across these oldies from 2017. My photography is gladly a little better these days, the HDR application on the MacBook couldn’t do anything to improve them so this is what you get!

The busy road heading west from my location on the dirt curb is Lake Mead Boulevard looking west to the foothills across the valley. The tall building standing alone is the Red Rock Casino and Hotel, a very lovely place located many miles west of the Vegas Strip.

The snowcapped mountain is our beautiful Mount Charleston which stands at 11,916 feet high.  I love our mountains! Could you live in Las Vegas? I am your guide!

10 thoughts on “Difficult To Work With

    • Thank you, Derrick! I am very picky about getting the best images possible, these older images are a bit rough.

    • Oh yes, Mount Charleston is easily high enough to have snow on top almost all year round. Nevada is the most mountainous state in the union directly behind Alaska!

    • You will adjust to the heat after a couple of summers, and always seek out air conditioning! Without that, I wouldn’t live here Anneli.

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