It’s Really Dusty Out There…

This afternoon, I took a longer ride than usual and ended up at Apex several miles north of the city. More photos show that in the next post. There were dust devils and clouds of dust from the ATV riders too. How they can ride in 108-degree heat with all of that dust I don’t know, but I know that I can rent an ATV and ride when the weather cools down this fall. Many more photos to come.

20 thoughts on “It’s Really Dusty Out There…

    • Thanks, Belinda! It’s a very dusty desert haha. Lots of dust devils this time of year with the temp well over 100F.

    • This climate can be so harsh with 60mph windstorms, dust storms, dust devils and 110 to 115F summer heat. And I still love living here, LOL! πŸ˜‚

  1. Somebody has come up with a nice business renting those ATV’s, that is for sure. Certainly hope that there are established trails and that people don’t go out and tear up the desert.

    • I agree, from what little I can see, this area is only wide-open riding. Wooded area riding is much more fun.

    • That’s a pretty good assumption, Anne, the dust is miserable, and riding a snowmobile 100 miles in a day or more is actually painful if your not properly dressed. Been there done that! I think i’ll try a rented ATV ride this autumn. 😎

    • Ha, not for you, aye Anneli! I always say that the desert isn’t for everyone. You are used to tons of deep, rich green and a moist environment, something that’s not available down here thanks to the Sierra Mountains west of Vegas. That range stops the moisture from getting here.

      • You’re so right, John. I could not enjoy living in that heat and lack of moisture. Too bad we’re getting too much of a good thing just now. But we did see the sun today!

        • I am glad that you guys got a peek! Enjoy the humid climate, I assume it’s roughly the same climate as my northern home state. Stepping off of the aircraft in Michigan, the moisture difference is so apparent! The air seems thicker. 🀣

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