A Huge Dust Devil

That’s a huge dust devil, people! I was parked, there were two pickups to the left and this huge whirling devil not far from me. I hoped it wouldn’t turn and blow over my truck, it might damage the sheet metal! The freeway is the westbound side of the 215 freeway which loops around the valley, it’s not complete yet.

9 thoughts on “A Huge Dust Devil

    • Yes, it’s just another dust devil swirling across the desert floor! They can get quiete large too but not dangerous. A few weeks ago, we had a huge dust storm though, the mountains vanished because of the amount of dust in the air. This happens infrequently as far as I can remember.

    • I was safe inside the truck, it will get a bit dirty though! They are common during the hot summer months. The hot air mixes with the cooler air and generates the dust devils.

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