January 2019

Here are a few more old photos from my deep archives, the road is Charleston Boulevard. This road crosses the entire Las Vegas Valley but continues west into Red Rock Canyon then turns south for Blue Diamond which is a tiny little town. The clouds were shrouding the mountains beautifully! The current weather here is sunshine and 95 wonderful degrees.

13 thoughts on “January 2019

    • Thank you, Nia! I know that Doug Thomas follows your blog, his blog has stopped posting about a week ago, I don’t know what happened to him but I don’t think he will be returning.

      • I know, as I heard that his computer gone, I am so sad about his absence, I miss him and his blog. I hope he return back again. Thank you dear, Love, nia

    • Why thank you my friend! The low pressure system really adds some extra beauty to that area. The rock hidden in the clouds is actually an ancient fault line.

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