Super Fast Smog and Other Stuff

Smog is big money in Las Vegas, check out that beefy truck! The wild horses are near the ski lodge in Lee Canyon. Pahrump, such an odd name, there isn’t much to see in that little town but a couple of casinos and some good restaurants. The road sign is close to Pahrump and closer to the Nevada/California border.

4 thoughts on “Super Fast Smog and Other Stuff

  1. The lanscape in the desert sometimes seem stretched out, everything is so big and open. It’s thrilling in a way to drive through it all. Thank you for sharing your photos.

    • Thank you, Maria! I’m sure that you remember many things about the city and the surrounding desert. Sunny and 93 degrees today with too much wind. Have a great week!

    • Thanks! If I recall correctly, they basically ignored me sitting in the truck. Go away, hooman!

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