Bring This Pledge Back To Public Schools

As a child, my class recited this pledge of allegiance every morning before we began classes. The God-hating people in this country have managed to kick God to the curb in so many ways today and look at the mess that this country has become. Always remember the lives lost at our public indoctrination centers. Evil is real.

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8 thoughts on “Bring This Pledge Back To Public Schools

  1. We still do the pledge, at least in Illinois. We are on summer break for another nine weeks so it’ll be silent in the rooms until the kids get back. the pledge is followed by a moment of silence, which it rarely is. As a science teacher I am always excited to hear a plea for a moment of science. God is in our schools, but is not overt, especially on exam days. Peace

    • That’s really wonderful to hear! I’m glad that I am wrong on that, thanks. He is the solution to all of our problems but so few reconise this simple fact today.

    • Yes! The pledge is a wonderful part of my childhood school experience. The kids today are clueless about so many things, very sad.

    • Yes, and it’s so damn sad isn’t it? I can’t speak for Canadian schools and students, but our kids today sadly will never understand how important that pledge really is, and what it means a a citizen of this country. They seem to have zero love of country, all they care about is having the latest phone and playing those damned video games. What a freaking brain drain! The more distracted they are, the less attention they will pay to the things that truly matter.

        • That’s a real switch, sounds like a good one for the kids. I’m sad that we have to watch this country go down the toilet, and that moron president should be locked up for un-American activities along with many of his evil cronies. Democrats will be the undoing of America and that’s what they want. Meanwhile, I the life-long Conservative feel powerless.

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