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Here is another batch of old photos from two years ago or more. Some of them are from a day trip I took to Death Valley in California. Sunshine and 100 degrees are on tap for Las Vegas today. My AC has been shut down all night to save on the electric bill, the temperature dropped into the 80s overnight so the house was just cool enough to keep the system off. It’s currently 86 degrees, very comfortable!

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    • It is a great question, I did my best to explain this, but you may get different answers from other people. It’s a bit hard to know where the big traffic snags are except the obvious ones like the Strip.

    • A good question, Anne. I find that the farther away from the Strip you get, the less traffic you’ll encounter. But, this also depends on which road you are on, the big six-lane roads can be insanely busy like Charleston Boulevard on the west side of the valley. The Strip is always a madhouse, augmented at this time by ongoing road repairs on it. It’s kind of hard to explain where all of the snags are.

        • There are far more side streets and six-lane boulevards here than freeways. The 215 makes a big loop around the city, while the 15 freeway runs straight through the city north to south and runs parallel to the Vegas Strip. I feel sorry for the tourists trying to navigate our labyrinth of roads!

            • If you were to take a nice long drive around this city with me, I am sure that you would be amazed at some of the roads here. I thing the people that made those decisions were smoking crack or something those days.

                • That’s confusing, isn’t it? The same thing happens here. Rampart becomes Durango, Fort Apache road changes names too even though it’s the same road. Where is the logic?

                    • That is like Las Vegas Boulevard. It runs many miles south of the Strip, almost all the way south to the California/Nevada border. Photos I took the other day are also on the Big Boulevard as I call it, many miles north of the city. Weird planning, right!

                    • And they all seem to have gotten the same ‘city planning’ education’. That’s how they all knew to get rid of the neighborhood stores and city centre, move into shopping centres, and abandon those for big box stores out in the furthest subdivisions. I guess next is just to switch completely to online shopping and abandon the big box stores.

                    • I don’t think that brick-and-mortar stores will ever go away completely, many women would complain! And men of course. Getting rid of small stores is removing the mom-and-pop stores which made my country great. Probably in Canada too, the big box stores are okay, but I always try to support the little family-owned stores. There are tons of grungy little strip malls here, some are scary. No thanks!

                    • We have very few little family owned stores in the city – maybe more in smaller centres. We have a few strip malls but our big malls are practically empty. Mostly big box stores.

                    • That’s terrible! I remember going to the big malls as a child and as a twenty-something with my girlfriend, the one that got away. These corporations are greedy monsters that care nothing about the people and families they displace!

                    • Which makes the big box more money and adds clutter to a home. Great if you’re a hoarder… Yuck. Look at my neighbor’s garage!

                    • It’s like my sister said the other day on the phone, everywhere humans go, we leave a trail of garbage behind us. Now, we even have trash on Mars! 😂

                    • Well, there are two rover things I think, left behind on that dead world that humans continue to waste billions of dollars on trying to get there. Why!

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