The Old Zoom Lens

I can kind of kick myself in the bum for selling the lens that captured these much closer and cleaner-looking photos of the Strip. Another, longer zoom lens than I have now will of course set me back a bunch of green. Oops! The current lens is a Nikkor 18-140mm size. Oops. 😂

9 thoughts on “The Old Zoom Lens

    • Thank you, this place was a warm, shallow sea 200 million years ago, evidence of sea shore is visible, and sea shells have been found high in the mountains! Sorry for the delay, your comment wrongly landed in my spam folder.

      • Most welcome! Speaking of the spam folder, I found 37 legitimate comments in my spam folder. WordPress gremlins at work.

        • That’s terrible! Have you checked the settings? I think you are right though, WP is having more brain farts…

  1. Keep and eye on your local second-hand websites, facebook market and pawn shops John, which I presume Las Vagas would have many. There are often bargains to be had if you are patient 🙂

    • There are several pawn shops here, including one that has been on TV for years now, the show is called Pawn Stars. The glass always costs too much money, doesn’t it?

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