17 thoughts on “A Quick Visit, Round Two

  1. Nice photos! I think it’s about 80 F here in your language haha. We had a tornado go through, again, yesterday and damaged quite a bit of our downtown. Second one in less than a month.

    • Thanks again! I remember you or someone mentioning that tornado, that’s so terrible! I hope that nobody was hurt. Damn tornadoes! Honestly, I find the metric system irritating, we don’t use it here for the most part fortunately. Even many British folks still use our Imperial system of measurements and don’t like the metric system.

    • They are several small ponds in this park, they are all spring-fed, I wold never take a dip in them!

        • Yes, fishing is allowed but you have a limit of three fish. They must be planted there because each of these ponds are spring-fed. I hope the turtle got loose, or the employee I spoke with helped it. Poor thing!

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