A Quick Visit To Floyd Lamb Park

Good afternoon, I snapped around fifty photos at the park this morning and am surprised at how few birds are there. Last summer, the park was so full of many different birds. Sadly, I saw a turtle in one of the ponds that appeared to be caught on a piece of fishing line, and there was a guy casting his line about fifty feet away.

Very suspicious, I drove to the park office to ask for help. Nobody was in the office so I tracked down an employee nearby and explained the situation. Whether or not he does anything about it I won’t know because I was leaving the park. Poor baby and it was about 25 feet offshore so I couldn’t reach it.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Visit To Floyd Lamb Park

    • It’s okay, the county needs to spend a few bucks though. I do too, Anne, the poor baby! If there were boats available I would have gone after the poor thing myself.

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