Grungy Bullets And Liquor

That blue chair that Blondie is on was my mother’s, she spent many happy hours there doing crossword puzzles and watching her favorite TV shows. Those bullets and liquor have been sitting there for a very long time. Why I don’t know but the booze is probably still good, you can go ahead and test it! Sunshine and 108 degrees are the forecast for today, yet another toasty day in Las Vegas, a rainy day would be great for a change…

14 thoughts on “Grungy Bullets And Liquor

    • I am not sure if they are paper, they are usually plastic these days but they are likely live ammunition. We love our guns! I used to have a collection of pistols of different calibers. I took my Concealed Carry Permit test using a .45 caliber pistol, fun!

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