Just Birds

Just birds in this upload, one more to go today unless I think those photos aren’t good enough to use. I’m going to do a mini cleanup in the backyard in a bit, and try to get some of the dead palm frond pieces off of the old woodchips. Fun! I have a new bird feeder and support pole for it back there but haven’t felt like trying to install it, I hope this one can get far enough into the very hard ground. Happy Friday, people!

20 thoughts on “Just Birds

  1. You will enjoy getting your bird feeder up. It may take a bit before the birds find it, but you’ll get some great photos when they show up.

    • I can’t Like anyone’s comments suddenly, sorry. Anyway, the trick is getting the spikes in the ground, it’s so damn hard! I have a new pole but haven’t felt like trying to ram it into the ground yet. Have the seeds ready for the new feeder too. My sister recommended an app called Merlin which has a huge data base and can identify birds just by listening, works great! Give it a try.

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