The Trapped Turtle

I really hope that the park staff got this turtle free, I believe it was caught up in a fishing line and there was a guy fishing very nearby. The sign indicates to me that Clark County is doing its best to be politically correct regardless of the fact that there are two sexes, nothing more!

4 thoughts on “The Trapped Turtle

    • Thank you, you have a brain that’s not contaminated with the gender bullshit. The Bible makes it VERY clear on what is and is not okay in terms of gender and sexuality. Apparently, these folks have never picked a Bible up. The whole thing of June being pride month sickens me. They have no clue that they are being guided by the evil one and doing its bidding to help tear down America. So sad. My 94 year old father agreed with me in a recent chat when I as home in Michigan recently that America has seen her best days. The libtards and the queer agenda are working hard to destroy this beautiful country…

      • I agree with you, completely. I don’t see Straight people having Parades or special days at Disneyland or whatever! The world as God made it, is disappearing and it’s sad and disgusting.

        • Thanks so much for this comment! It’s all right there in the Holy Bible. Apparently, these people were never shown the Bible, or, they have chosen to ignore the words. I think that we are both old enough to recall how this country was four decades ago, or more. Indeed, the world as He made it is disappearing quickly. Hence, the Book Of Revelations.

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