20 thoughts on “Barren Camping

  1. Is that a state park campground? The privy has a “state park” look to it. No shade there, except the canopies, not sure we’d stop there.

    • My guess is that it’s a county camping area but the area is controlled by the BLM, a federal thing.

        • Yeah, nobody around here seems to like them! Especially the people who get caught riding dirt bikes and other sport vehicles in the desert where they shouldn’t be.

    • If you enjoy hiking, bicycling or mountain biking, then there is something to do. I go out there strictly for the photography. Flowers, plants, landscapes!

      • It does look like a great area for photography … and death by misadventure 😉 I think that would be the best thing to have on my headstone, “death by misadventure”, keep people guessing 😀

    • i am sure there is water there via pipes, but there are zero cricks or lakes nearby except Lake Mead which is many many miles to the east. I drive in the campground once in a while and think to my self “hell no”! There is a fire station nearby, I hope they have paramedics who know what to do when someone is stung by a scorpion. 😂💀

        • I don’t know, maybe they do but all I know is what happened to my ex’s son. Poor kid, we had to rush him to the ER. Slurred speech, swelling tongue and numbness in the limbs. I think they gave him a tetanus shot to stop the swelling.

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