A Death Valley Visit

The first time I was in Death Valley I was with the now ex, I drove there myself in 2017. I should have taken better photos than these but oops! Death Valley is a very strange place, standing still and looking around you, you have a sense of how ancient this place is. Imagine the stories it could tell us about the many millennia it has seen. Millions of years of climate change and being submerged in a shallow sea 200 million years ago!

18 thoughts on “A Death Valley Visit

  1. I look back at some of my old pictures and feel the same about how I should have done a better job. Either way, your pictures look nice. I’ve never been to Death Valley before, but I’d like to. Probably in the winter though.

    • Is that what it’s called? I remember being there with the ex several years ago but she ran off and left me to live our dream! $%@&^

  2. Death Valley is indeed a strange, interesting place. Appealing and horrifying at the same time. I really enjoyed hiking and camping there in the winter, while I always was scared to death while driving through in the summer (what if the car broke down? The air-condition quit? etc..etc..) Great photos!

    • Hi Maria, thanks for your memories in that valley! Your fear of a breakdown are very justified, I have the same thought even driving around town. How about a trip to Laughlin or Parump in summer? 😯

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